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Advisory Contract

1. Advisory contract
In advisory contracts, we will respond to your consultation without additional fee other than advisory fee within a certain period of time. In regard to expenses and conclusion period, prior consultation will be held regarding how much work volume is likely to occur every month, and we will flexibly decide the contents according to your request.
The main advantages of advisory contract are the following five.
1) If an advisory contract is concluded, as we receive a fixed amount every month, the fee which is charged per unit hour is set lower compared to when asking for each case and the cost can be reduced.
2) In the case of request for each case, a separate estimate and fee is required each time you request different types of projects. However, in the case of advisory contracts, we will respond to any type of project within a certain period of time.
3) Since it will be a long-term relationship, we will know you well and we will give you better advise that suits you based on past circumstances.
4) The opportunity to take legal advice in advance, not after the occurrence of trouble, will increase. Therefore, the possibility to prevent trouble will increase.
5) We will send a newsletter with the latest legal information every month, only for clients who have concluded an advisory contract.

2. Outside directors or Auditors
Nowadays, along with globalization, the importance of establishing appropriate auditors and outside directors is increasing, but we also hear that companies can not find the right person.
Japanese lawyers of our company have through knowledge of each ASEAN country and have wide variety of legal knowledge. Therefore, it is possible for us to introduce appropriate persons as outside directors and auditors to companies that are developing business in ASEAN countries and companies that are considering establishing new branches or overseas affiliates in ASEAN countries in the future.

3. Whistle-blower hotline
In recent years, the number of employees hired at ASEAN sites has increased, and more companies are considering establishing a whistle-blower hotline. If internal personnel are in charge of the such hotline, no appropriate response is taken in many cases and it is desirable to ask outside personnel. However, we hear that it is difficult to find an appropriate service provider that corresponds to the local language outside of the company.
In addition to Japanese lawyers, many local lawyers also belong to our office. Therefore, when we provide whistle-blower hotline service, we correspond to the report not only from Japanese who are working locally but also from local people.